Portable UV Sterilizer

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1. Miniature instant sterilizer, domestic first UV sterilizer, high

efficiency and energy saving, unique volume, small and delicate UVC


2. The sterilizer uses high-precision special wavelength ultraviolet

light UVC to sterilize and disinfect the surface of the article. It has a

strong lethality to common germs and , reaching a 99.9%

sterilization rate in 5 seconds.

3. Type-c interface, just plug it into the mobile phone.

4. Widely used in home, office, travel, etc.occasions.





Product name: Mini portable sterilizer

Power: 0.4W

Output voltage: 5V

Input voltage: 3.7V

Product size: 34 * 18 * 7mm

Color: black, white

Style: Android TYPE-C connector

Function: Disinfection, Sterilization

Package Included: 1 sterilizer